Useful Back Support Products

A Chiropractor's Review and Recommendations

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As a chiropractic physician my recommendations are made based on a variety of factors including spinal biomechanics, research evidence and practical considerations such as ease of advice implementation and the cost of particular products. I would like to disclose that, although I may get a referral fee from some of the items advertised or reviewed, this will never impact the integrity of my reviews or recommendations. I hope you find my recommendations useful; however, if you have a specific spinal problem or condition, and have not yet done so, it is recommended that you contact your qualified health care provider for recommendations that may apply to your particular case.

Peter C. Spathis, DC

Useful Back Support Products

Many of these types of lumbar belts/supports are quite similar and generally do a decent job of providing some relief during acute episodes of lower back pain. This particular one has among the highest reviews along with some useful features such as straps at allow some additional elastic support after the main portion of the belt is fastened and a removable lumbar support that helps keep the spine in a neutral position to minimize lumbar disc pressure - especially useful for those with lumbar disc herniations. For those that require a lumbar support belt, this would be a top choice.

Lumbar supports can be very helpful for people who sit for extended periods, especially those with lumbar disc problems. Maintaining the proper lumbar curvature when sitting decreases pressure on the spinal discs and also keeps other structures - such as sacroiliac joints - in better positions which helps to minimize associated back pain. This is one of the highest rated products of type and the one I would recommend.

This is a great product for those that need a little help with improving their posture. It can help retrain your body and keep you from slouching - a good thing for the long term - as well as minimize associated back and neck pain. However, I would recommend only using this product for limited periods each day to avoid potential problems that may be caused by constant pressure on the front of the shoulders. Those with "thoracic outlet syndrome" should talk to their health care provider if they are considering this product as it may not be appropriate in some of these cases.

Although this is not a "support" I am including this product here as I feel many will find it to be beneficial and something I use myself. Foam rollers can be used on many body areas but I find them to be especially helpful for the upper back region. If you are someone with upper back stiffness as is common with prolonged sitting - driving, deskwork, etc. - you are likely to benefit from this product. This particular one has an online instructional video that can be helpful to those not familiar with these products.