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Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain During Pregnancy

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Are You Having Back Pain During or After Your Pregnancy?

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Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy related back pain is usually due to a combination of factors that include structural changes as well as the effects of hormones like "relaxin" that, among other things, have a loosening effect on spinal ligaments. This is important to allow the pelvis to be able to move in a way that allows the baby to be delivered as easily as possible - yes, it would be worse without this hormone! However, this can have a destabilizing effect on the spine, esp. the "sacroiliac joints" on either side of the lower back/pelvis, which causes muscles to "tighten" to compensate for the unstable loose ligaments. This increases pressure on the joints associated with these muscles and can be very irritating to these joints, causing significant pain in many expectant moms.

We provide a low force type of chiropractic adjustment, often combined with some "soft-tissue manipulation" to address the muscles and tendons directly, that can help relieve some of the pressure on these joints as well as relax associated muscular structures. If additional compensatory effects or other structural problems are found higher up in the spine, these can also be addressed to relieve any upper back pain or neck pain that is also common during a pregnancy.

If you are having low back pain, mid/upper back pain, or neck pain during or after your pregnancy and are interested in receiving chiropractic treatment for these symptoms, we hope you will give our office a call. We have a great deal of experience and success treating these types of problems and will do our best to help relieve your discomfort.