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Chiropractic Treatment For Neck & Back Pain

The spine is a complex mechanical structure composed of bones (vertebrae) which articulate with each other at three main sites. Each spinal segment may, therefore, be thought of as a three joint complex with the spinal discs representing the articulation between the bodies of each vertebra at the front of the spine and two "facet joints" at the posterior portion of each spinal segment representing the other two contact points.

Lower back pain, as well as upper back and neck pain, is often the result of spinal joints that get "locked-up" and can't move freely. When the adjacent spinal segments move excessively to compensate, they become irritated and inflammed which causes the surrounding muscles to spasm to prevent further worsening. In turn, this puts more pressure on the irritated spinal segments which causes more pain and more reflex muscle spasm.

This pain-spasm-pain cycle can be relieved with specifc chiropractic spinal manipulation that restores movement to the segments that are "stuck" thereby addressing the underlying problem and resolving associated symptoms. This is one of the common mechanisms involved in spine related pain. Our approach involves finding the mechanism involved in your particular case and working to resolve that specific underlying problem to give you the most sustained relief possible.

If you are having lower back pain, or pain in other areas of your spine - upper back pain, neck pain, etc. - we hope you will give our office a call and we will do our best to help resolve your condition.