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Sports Injuries

Sports related sprains, strains and other injuries of the spine and extremities are experienced to some degree by most athletes. It should be no surprise then that some of the best athletes in the world rely on chiropractic care to keep them functioning at their best, as outlined in this Olympic Games testimonial "spot". Dr. Spathis has 25+ years of experience providing chiropractic care for sports injuries to athletes of every level. As outlined in the "Dr. Spathis" tab, this has included patients ranging from "weekend warrior" to world class athletes, including members of the Canadian Powerlifting Team, bodybuilders, martial artists, gymnasts, golfers and athletes of all major team sports. If you need an experienced chiropractor for sports related injuries in the Howell, Michigan area, give our office a call, we will do our best to help resolve your condition and get you back in the game!